Recent Updates

Espy hits 70!!

Awesome job hittin 70!! New tank in town

Kazaam the new 70

Congrats to kali and her new 70!!! Itll be awesome to get her new angle of attack into the instances!!

Congats to our 60/70's

Probs to Thalis on hittin 60 !Welcome to the last 10 lvls. Grats to Sat for hittin up 70! Also to Phaidon for hittin revered with Thrallmar. Lookin forward to the new Hellfire Heroics.

Congats to Beefee on 60

Got to outland..and in a day got 60! so grats to him and best wishes on a fast and enjoyable run to 70!

Congrats Kwar on KTM

Just wanted to congratulate Kwarietu on installing his first mod. A warrior with a bit of intellect.. congrats bud! We're rootin for ya on the next ones :)

New Guild/Site color

As you can see, we've altered the guild tabard and are matching the site to it. The new banner will be finished shortly when i can get a picture to look right.

Tempest destroys lvl70 instances

Level 70 5 mans are underway now. Two flawless runs in Shadow Labs and Steamvaults open the doors for us. Lets run them over and over, get some rep and some gear and head to even more challenging ones



Welcome to Tempest of Blades Edge!

Tempest Guild is a small guild with loads of past experience. The founding members have all once been a part of a very successful and experienced raiding guild. After breaking away to begin our own venture, we are now looking to recruit more members, hoping to build into a new raiding guild on this server.

From past experiences, we are commited to not just large numbers and constant runs, but community type environment where we help each other out, and learn the games content together.

Big Update - Tempest starts Karazhan

Congrats to all those involved in the first guild kara run. Awesome first run, takin down the first boss already, ready to move to the next on friday. Its been a long time coming but is finally here. Here's to smooth runnings.

Big Update - Tempest dominating heroics

Grats to those on the team that has done our first 2 Heroic instances. Its a great leap on gettin us to raid readiness.

Big Update - Tempest starts Tempest Keep..

.. with a successful completion of Mechanar. It gave us a few slaps in the face in the beginning, but we got the hang of it. Did really well, hated the bridge event/bug but we'll get it first try next time instead of the second ;). Grats too all who where there and to those who weren't i have faith itll go just as well when you get in!